M-Bus Master Hat DS – The Original and Best


M-Bus Master Hat DS.  The original and best M-Bus Hat for your Pi.  Turns your Raspberry Pi into an M-Bus Master, allowing you to read data from M-Bus wired meters, and also provides a DS18B20 temperature sensor on-board the Hat as well as the ability to wire in external DS18B20 sensors.

Supports Raspberry Pi 5 and all previous versions with 40-pin headers.

Comes in both full sized and micro versions, for standard Raspberry Pis and Pi Zeros, along with standoffs for mounting on your Pi.

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Key benefits of the M-Bus Master Hat DS:

  • Comes with on-board DS18B20 temperature sensor, and terminal block to add external DS18B20 sensors
  • No external power supply required – generates required voltage on-board
  • Up to 3 Unit Loads (M-Bus slaves) supported*
  • Supported by various open source packages, including libmbus, pyMeterBus, pyMbusHat and mbus-httpd
  • We supply stand-offs with all Hats to securely and safely mount your hat to your Pi
  • Raspberry Pi detects M-Bus Master Hat and auto-configures serial port**
  • Fully compliant with Raspberry Pi Hat specification
  • Present of M-Bus Master Hat can be detected via software**
  • M-Bus power is switchable via software, using GPIOs
  • GPIO pin controlling M-Bus power can be reconfigured***
  • All Raspberry Pis with 40 pin header supported, from Pi 1 Model B+ (2014) onwards
  • Pi Zero (+Pi Zero 2) size Hat available, giving smaller form factor installation
  • Custom-designed form-factor cases available
  • All Hats undergo rigorous post-assembly checks and tests before shipping.
  • Schematic available
  • 100s of satisfied hobbyist and commercial customers

* Assumes a slave requires 1 UL
** Raspberry Pi OS/Raspbian required
*** Requires soldering

For more details please see our product page or the datasheet.

The M-Bus Master Hat DS is backwards compatible with all previous versions of the standard M-Bus Hat, with the exception of exposing the DS18B20 one-wire bus on Broadcom GPIO4 (physical pin 7).

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New – the M-Bus Master Hat DS, which adds one-wire temperature sensor functionality to the standard M-Bus functionality of the M-Bus Master Hat.

The M-Bus Master Hat DS includes:

  • A DS18B20 one-wire digital temperature sensor on-board the Hat.
  • A port to wire in additional external DS18B20 sensors.

For more details please see our product page or the datasheet for the M-Bus Master Hat.


  • One M-Bus Master Hat DS.
  • Standoffs and nuts for attaching the Hat to a Raspberry Pi with mounting holes.
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Raspberry Pi and case are not included – cases are available here.

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Dimensions 26 × 20 × 5 cm

Full sized, Micro